03 mayo, 2006

21)BELLE & SEBASTIAN:If You're Feeling Sinister/The Boy With The Arab Strap/Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant,22)THE SMITHS:The Smiths, 23)TINDERSTICKS: Tindersticks/Tindersticks II/Curtains, 24)JOY DIVISION:Heart & Soul, 25)NEW ORDER:Low Life/Power Corruption & Lies, 26)PALACE BROTHERS: There Is No One What Will Take.../Palace Brothers/Viva Last Blues, 27)LAMBCHOP: How I Quit Smoking/Nixon, 28)BJÖRK: Debut, 29)THE SUGARCUBES: Life's Too Good, 30)YO LA TENGO: I Can Her The Heart Beating As One.

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