21 diciembre, 2006

Dennis Cooper. My 50 favorite feature films of all time (in no particular order)

1) Robert Bresson ‘The Devil, Probably,’ 2) Orson Welles ‘The Magnificent Ambersons,’ 3) Andy Warhol ‘Chelsea Girls,’ 4) Alain Resnais ‘Providence,’ 5) Kenneth Anger ‘Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome,’ 6) Rainier Werner Fassbinder ‘In a Year of Thirteen Moons,’ 7) Yasujiro Ozu ‘Late Spring,’ 8) Terrence Malick ‘The Thin Red Line,’ 9) James Benning ’11 x 17,’ 10) Jacques Tati ‘Playtime,’

11) Robert Altman ‘McCabe and Mrs. Miller,’ 12) Werner Herzog ‘Stroszek,’ 13) John Huston ‘The Dead,’ 14) Wes Anderson ‘Rushmore,’ 15) Bernardo Bertolucci ‘Luna,’ 16) Stanley Kubrick ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ 17) Gaspar Noe ‘Irreversible,’ 18) Jean-Luc Godard ‘Pierrot le Fou,’ 19) Mike Leigh ‘Naked,’ 20) Errol Morris ‘Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control,’

21) Sergei Parajanov ‘The Color of Pomegranites,’ 22) John Waters ‘Serial Mom,’ 23) Martin Scorcese ‘Taxi Driver,’ 24) Alexander Kluge ‘Artists Under the Big Top: Disoriented,’ 25) Federico Fellini ‘Satyricon,’ 26) Wong Kar Wai ‘Fallen Angels,’ 27) David Lynch ‘Mulholland Drive,’ 28) Ingmar Bergman ‘Hour of the Wolf,’ 29) Ridley Scott ‘Blade Runner,’ 30) Woody Allen ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors,’

31) Walt Disney ‘Pinocchio,’ 32) David Cronenberg ‘Videodrome,’ 33) John Woo ‘The Killers,’ 34) Jack Smith ‘Flaming Creatures,’ 35) Alain Robbe Grillet ‘The Man Who Lies,’ 36) Mel Brooks ‘Young Frankenstein,’ 37) Chantal Akerman ‘Jeanne Dielman …’ 38) Luis Buñuel ‘Exterminating Angel,’ 39) Stan Brakhage ‘Dog Star Man,’ 40) Jacques Rivette ‘Celine and Julie Go Boating,’

41) Francis Ford Coppola ‘Apocalypse Now,’ 42) Jean Vigo ‘Zero for Conduct,’ 43) Michelangelo Antonioni ‘Blow Up,’ 44) Costa-Gravas ‘Z,’ 45) Jean Daniel Cadinot ‘All of Me,’ 46) Harmony Korine ‘Gummo,’ 47) Tim Hunter ‘River’s Edge,’ 48) Tol ‘Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space,’ 49) Coen Brothers ‘Fargo,’ 50) Peter Greenaway ‘A Zed & Two Noughts.’

* I limited myself to one film per director; otherwise the list would have been dominated by Bresson.

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A las 9:00 p. m. , Blogger Caliban ha dicho...

¿Dónde se metió Jonas?

¿Y mi comentario?

¿Ha llegado la censura a Saló?

Bueno, a la espera estoy.

De momento hago mi lista de 12 pelis de todas las de Cooper. Son las que me gustan. Odio, odio profundamente a Bresson.

1) John Huston ‘The Dead,’
2) Orson Welles ‘The Magnificent Ambersons
3) Woody Allen ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors,’
4) Francis Ford Coppola ‘Apocalypse Now,’
5) Martin Scorcese ‘Taxi Driver,’
6) David Lynch ‘Mulholland Drive,’
7) Ridley Scott ‘Blade Runner,
8) David Cronenberg ‘Videodrome,’
9) Luis Buñuel ‘Exterminating Angel,’
10) Terrence Malick ‘The Thin Red Line
11) Errol Morris ‘Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control,’
12) Wong Kar Wai ‘Fallen Angels,’ ’
And bonus) Peter Greenaway ‘A Zed & Two Noughts.’

I'm waiting for..


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